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Communication with parents is vital to meeting the needs of both parents and children.  Conferences are held regarding each child’s progress.  Teachers and parents have the opportunity to dialogue on a daily basis.  Newsletters and activity calendars are published monthly.

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Please notify the center if your school age child will be attending Grandma's House on a school off day.


Child Assessments

Grandma’s House offers Parent-Teacher Conferences four times each year; two formal and two informal.  Teachers review children’s portfolios and discuss individual goals with each child’s parent.


Grandma's House Assessment Forms (by age of the child):


6 weeks - 6 months


6 months - 12 months


12 months - 18 months


18 months - 24 months


2 year olds


2-1/2 year olds


3 year olds


4 year olds


4K (Junior Kindergarten)


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