Learning Centers

A Learning Center is a place where children move around freely and still learn; where sitting still need not be what is thought of as “good,” and movement and noise as “bad.”  It is a place that recognizes the talent for learning that the child brings with him/her from home, and uses this talent on which to build.



My imagination and creativity are developed when I create make-believe situations and roles.

My sense of self-worth is enhanced.

I can use and practice my expressive language and social skills.

My five senses develop.

I get a chance to imitate people I know, their work, their feelings, their words, their environment.


When I play with puzzles, legos, lacing cards and scales, I’m developing an awareness of concepts like size, shape, color, number, location and weight.

I realize that pieces make up a whole.

I’m developing my eye-hand coordination.

A Learning Center is a place where every child is actively involved in learning, where   s/he learns in a natural and enjoyable way through his/her own experience.  It is a place where a child works with concepts and ideas concretely, by handling familiar objects and manipulating them before dealing abstractly with the concepts on paper.



I’m gaining memory skills.

I encounter new language patterns.

I assimilate new concepts and vocabulary.

I differentiate among sounds.

I can express myself through creative movement, rhythm instruments and singing.


I develop my creativity and imagination.

I learn names of colors and how to mix colors to make new ones.

I’m developing my pre-reading & pre-writing skills when I hold brushes & crayons & when I make shapes and fill in spaces.

I develop a greater awareness of size, shape, color, texture and position.

A Learning Center is a place where children are free to make mistakes and to learn directly from these mistakes; where errors are used as clues by the teacher to help the child discover what that individual child needs to learn.  A Learning Center is a place where a child needs to trust his/her own judgments and thoughts, where s/he is free to try things as an expression of creativity and individuality.



I learn math concepts as I watch water or sand levels rise or sink in different shapes of containers.

I feel different textures, which can be very soothing and useful at releasing tension.

My imagination and language grow as I create things and make-up stories about them.

My small muscles are developing as I poke, pat and roll material.


I learn how to solve problems while working with other children.

I improve my hand-eye coordination

I develop my large and small muscles.

I can explore spatial relationships and compare different sizes and shapes.

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