Why Choose Grandma's House?

To all the devoted members of the Grandma’s House Family –

As you likely know, Grandma’s House has an exceptional reputation in the surrounding community.  It is quite obvious this is a result of the extraordinary people who make this play so very special – each and every individual here.  We value your loyalty and conviction in loving our children and being an important part of their growth and development.    From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so very much.

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and share a note of gratitude and I hope this email finds it way to the Director of Grandma's House.


Three years ago my husband and I decided to become foster parents.  We have older children who are currently 19, 16, and 11.  We never used formal daycare as my husband and I adjusted our schedules to be home with our kids.  Through the fostering licensing process we were instructed to select a daycare that might be able to care for any foster kids placed in our home as my husband and I work full time.  We selected Grandma's House and have never looked back.


Our first experience was with Christie and her crew on Watertown Plank Road.  They cared for one of our little friends for 10 months.


Our several past experiences over the last year and a half have been with Kristie and crew on Vliet.


I want to commend both directors for being extremely kind, patient, and flexible when helping to care for our foster friends.  Christie and Kristie are nothing short of amazing!

Furthermore, the caregivers at both locations have welcomed our little ones with open and caring arms.  If my memory serves me correctly regarding names, Miss Jess, Miss Liz, and Miss Jessica were excellent with our friend at Watertown Plank and and I cannot say enough about Miss Lynn and Mr. Scott in the 3 year old room on Vliet.  Some of our kids have come from very difficult situations and the way they have tenderly cared for our kids has filled our hearts with deep gratitude.


Currently, we have an infant in Miss Christie's and Miss Jennifer's room, and we cannot say enough about how wonderful they are with him.  They are so excited about taking care of our little one.  I am so impressed with the level of care and knowledge they demonstrate.


ALL of these adults have gone above and beyond on too many occasions to count.


Fostering is a very difficult thing to do.  The journey is full of many ups and several downs.  Knowing that we have wonderful people helping us grow and care for the kids in our home makes the process so much easier.  The directors and caregivers play a crucial role in providing comfort, safety and kindness to our little friends.  We feel blessed to have all these people on the journey with us.

We have had our son with Grandma's House since he was 11 weeks old. We LOVE everyone there. My husband recently retired from firefighting, and the team at Grandma's House was always willing to work around his erratic schedule.  The caregivers are so amazing, really.  We love that they have the kiddos outside to play twice a day, unless the weather is horrendous. Kids need time to run and play and it also creates kiddos that are happy to be outside playing in all kinds of weather. Really important!   Additionally, our son has special needs and they have always been open to what he needs and helping him be with his peers.  Our son is now 5 and just finished with his second year of school, so he doesn't get to go to Grandma's House very much, but he's always really excited when he does.  This is such a caring and compassionate group that pushes your kiddos to learn and grow.

We wanted to thank you and your entire staff for the 1st class experience that we experienced at Grandmas House.

Our daughter loves Grandmas House and to watch her grow, meet new friends and make connections has been really special.

We have talked about how nice it is to drop our daughter off and know that she is in good hands and that we never have to worry about the care that is being provided. Thank you again and we will be happy to recommend Grandmas House to anyone that is need of childcare.

My wife and I are very happy with the care our daughter gets at Grandma’s house in Brookfield. All of the teachers she has had have been a positive experience for her. Ms. Emma and Ms. Jenna are awesome and bring a lot of great energy and TLC to the children and we are fortunate for our daughter to be in their classroom. It is great that our daughter looks forward to going to school.

To all the Teachers who touched our boy’s lives…

We can not thank you all enough for a wonderful 8 years at GHDC!  Each of you have played a role in the development of our sons and laid the foundations for growth and learning in a loving and supportive environment.  We will miss you all!

My family has been at Grandma’s House on Vliet for 8 years now.  My son started as an infant in October, 2006.  He attended until he was four, and then went to public school for K4.  At that time my other son was born.  He started as an infant shortly after that.

I just wanted to be sure to recognize all of you for your great work with both of our children.  I always felt confident and comfortable bringing my two boys to you each morning.  I really appreciate that every staff member greeted us every day and were genuinely happy to see my boys.  It made going to work each day much easier.  I can honestly say that every teacher my boys worked with was caring, kind, and really took the time to get to know them.

So, it is with a heavy heart that my family says good bye to Grandma’s House.  Thank you for your stellar work with my boys.  We will always be grateful.

I just wanted to say how happy we have been with the care our daughter has received at Grandma's House.  There are so many emotions new parents go through when making the decisions on childcare that range from guilt, to worry, to excitement.  I can honestly say that Josh and I both feel GRATEFUL for the wonderful teachers and caregivers that our daughter has each day.

There is always some anxiety when she transfers to a new "room" with new teachers and new ways of doing things.  Each time we are surprised by how easy the adjustments are made and how much we like the next group of people who care for her.  Your teachers actually care about the kids and it's obvious when you see them interact with them.  It makes a parent feel good knowing their child isn't just being watched over, but also loved while they are away.

She comes home exhausted and messy....and to us that means she is busy and happy during the day!  When we get complimented on our daughter's ability to play on her own or her happy disposition (most times! haha) or her vocabulary, that it is largely due to what our daughter is doing and learning at Grandma's House.  You have a great staff.  I have no idea how they handle the chaos that goes on with all those little ones, but they do it well.

Thank you so much for everything!  We appreciate your taking our son in on such short notice.  It saved me!  You and the staff always were so nice and friendly whenever we came in.  I feel like our son received the love and attention he needed there and I think he had lots of fun with his teacher!  I’m sorry that we can’t keep him there, but it just isn’t possible with me not working.  If things change in the future – I would not hesitate to bring our son back there.  I also tell anyone I can (that cares ☺) what a great place you have there!  Thank you again & best to everyone!

“Word on the street is that this is a good place to bring your kids!"

Dear Grandma’s House Staff,

We wanted to thank you for your years of nurturing and teaching our children.  It is with joy and sadness that we write this, because it means our babies are growing up!


It seems only yesterday we were touring the nursery at Grandma’s House with our daughter.  Our emotions ran high, feeling that the weight of the world rested with our decision of where to go for daycare.  And we can say without question that our decision in the fall of 2003 was the correct one.


The security of knowing that our children were safe and tended to in a caring manner at all times was comforting.  Friends told us that we wouldn’t find a place to meet our children’s needs from infant through pre-school.  We feel fortunate that we did.  Our children have thrived in the Grandma’s House environment due to the devoted staff.


Thank you for all you do to help parents raise healthy, thoughtful, caring children.  We wish all of you happiness and success and thank you for being part of our lives.

For almost seven years, one or both of our children have been coming to Grandma’s House and spending their days in your loving care.  On the first day in 2005 that we left our son with Ms. Kari, I bawled on and off all day.  By the time our daughter’s first day came (again with Ms. Kari), I was fine.  Now, on our daughter’s last day, I have been tearing up for two weeks and today find myself bawling again!  On one hand, I feel silly being so sappy, but Grandma’s House and all of you have been a huge part of our lives for a long time.  We will always be grateful to have had somewhere to leave our children during the day where they were not just “watched”.  They were taught, nurtured, kept safe, played with, had fun, made friends, enjoyed going, and most of all, were loved.  The peace of mind this has given us is immeasurable.  We love that you know our kids and have cared for and taught them accordingly.  They are truly better off for having spent their time with all of you!

I cannot tell you how grateful we are to all of you for the amazing care, teaching, and love you provided for our daughter over the last 17 months.  She loves all of you dearly and it breaks my heart to take her away from a place and people she loves so much.  You have been a blessing for our whole family and we will never be able to express how much it has meant to us to know that our daughter was taken care of every day by people that loved her.

Katie, you are an amazing director and you have made all the difference in the world for us.  From the minute we toured with you, we knew that grandma's house was the place we needed to be.

Thank you for everything you have done for our family, and especially for our daughter.  We will send some pictures from sunny Florida!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for everything they have done for our daughter. She has grown and developed into a wonderful little person and it is in part from the care she has received at Grandma's House.

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